To use a command in game simply enter ::COMMAND The list contains command and alias or the shorter version, any will work.

 - list of in-game commands

/MESSAGE - send message in [Gangscape] general chat ::yell MESSAGE - send yell message, everyone can see it ::website - open in browser ::updates - opens Updates web page ::discord - opens Discord invitation to our channel for text, shoutbox and voice chat

::home - teleport to start location

::ge - opens Grand Exchange offers list web page

 - show list of players online

 - teleport to Members zone (members only)

::blueskin - change skin blue (members only) ::greenskin - change skin green (members only)

::lottery - current lottery pot size and tickets sold

 - claim Bonds purchased from web shop. Check your bank after.

::claim - claim special rewards for guides, videos, important but report, etc. This type of rewards are given by Admin only.

 - claim your VP (voting points) after you voted. You must have minimum 3 VP for this to work.

 - display current amount of VP. This points may be used in Voting shop (near home)

 - shows your current loyalty points

 - your current kills, deaths and kill death ratio

 - shows your current play time

::uptime - display server uptime. Not really important, we restart the server every day to make backups.

 - current Skilling task and progress

 - current Reaper task and progress

 - will display your current position in world. This will mostly be used to report broken objects etc.

Url open commands:

::topic FORUM_ID TOPIC_ID - opens a specific topic on forums. This topic for example is ::topic 7 1026 Just read the numbers after equal sign in your browser (f=7&p=1026) ::topic FORUM_ID - opens a forum category, news for example is ::topic 2

 - open forum web page

::vote - voting page

::rules - open server rules page

 - redirects to this forum, Guides

 - open the Highscores web page

 - web store page

 - opens forum User Panel. Here u can set up a new password. Forum password is the same as game password.

::register - open forum registration page (if you want to register a second account)

Not fully working:

 this needs a bit more work